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پترو پارت رادآرون

پیشتاز در حوزه نفت  گاز پتروشیمی ماشین آلات

شرکت پترو پارت راد آرون با پشتوانه سال ها تجربه سهام  داران خود زمینه تامین نیازهای صنایع بزرگ در سال1399 در اصفهان تاسیس گردید. این شرکت با بهره گیری از کادر متعهد و متخصص توانسته است ، با تامین مواد اولیه و تجهیزات  اساسی صنایع بزرگ کشور از جمله پتروشیمی ، نفت ، گاز، فولاد و … گامی سازنده در جهت پیشبرد اهداف آنها بردارد.

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مشتریان ما

ماموریت ما تامین نیازهای صنایع فعال در حوزه پتروشیمی،نفت،گاز و روغن می باشد.مفتخریم اعلام کنیم،عمده مشتریان پترو پارت شرکت های پالایشگاهی،نیروگاه ها و تمامی صنایع مادر کشور هستند.

سیاست ما تامین برندهای اصلی با کیفیت بالا و تحویل به موقع می باشد.

To respond to our customers' needs more effectively. We also command a wide- ranging list of used process plants and equipment for chemical. Petrochemical.


Over the years. Radaron has successfully launched several turnkey projects in cooperation with leading companies in the energy sector. We delivered whole plants , process packages, heat recovery systems.

Whole Plants

We delivered whole plants , process packages, heat recovery systems.

Whole Pakage

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Gas sweetening packages, dehydration, sulfur recovery plants and furthermore nitrogen, Oxygen and hydrogen units,Cooling towers

Pakage Unite

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Chemicals & Lubricants

To remove trace contaminants from gas and liquid streams.  Petro Part Radaron has been working with the world’s leading licensors and manufacturers of catalysts and adsorbents for many years. Therefore. We can provide broad solutions and applications to our customers.

Petro Part Radaron Feild of work

Other Equipment 


In the oil , gas and petrochemical industry. Labs play a fundamental role not only regarding product quality but also as far as production and environmental


Within the scope of oil and gas, mechanical parts play a superordinate role. Any incorrect replacement of mechanical parts can trigger particularly cost- intensive damages .


We supply a wide range of control devices like valves subdivided in different sizes and pressure classes.


In cooperation with a reputable producer we design and manufacture different types of mechanical seals.


Reliable bearings are of central importance for industrial procedures. We purchase our bearings


Petropart supplies various plates, pipes, flanges and spare parts for the installation of piping systems for various applications.

برای اطلاع از آخرین اخبار، در خبرنامه پتروپارت مشترک شوید.

Compressors & Tourbines

Compressors, generators and turbines play an essential role not only in the realm of energy supply. But, above all, in oil , gas and petrochemical industries, our customers have to fulfil extraordinary high requirements to guarantee stability.. Efficiency and safety even under extreme conditions, like high pressure and temperature as well as aggressive chemical

Pumps & Spare Parts

The diverse usage of pumps in the energy sector count numerous applications, in the oil and gas field. Applications range from transferring refinery sludge , crude and refined oil & gas through pipelines, to tank farms or tanker unloading. Chemical and petrochemical plants with hot. Corrosive and hazardous fluids at pressures up to 700 bar face imaginable sealing challenges. Cooling units hold the highest potential for pump users with capacities up to 6.000 m3/hr

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